Application to measure blood pressure on your mobile phone.

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The mortality rate of people with hypertension in Brazil is enormous, because these doctors have admitted the use of the application, here we will indicate them 3 best apps to measure high blood pressure.

Therefore, patients can have more precise control over their day to day, and it is also easier to prepare reports.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that the app to measure blood pressure It's not for measuring it, so you use it for daily monitoring.


Here we will use technology and your mobile phone to help you control your health, read to the end and enjoy the tips.

1 – Blood pressure diary

Those who suffer from high blood pressure problems know that it is necessary to control the prison daily, y the Blood Pressure Diary application It has functions to control and maintain your blood pressure.

Using the app captures quickly and sends you blood pressure, just like your wrist.

With your personal data saved, there application guarantees protection of information, which is stored only on your device.


However, the application is quite easy to use, you can access it on your Android for free.

2 – Blood pressure – Blood pressure diary

It is application to measure blood pressure High was created by the group of Leap Fitness experts, and can be recognized as a smart monitor.

Qualified by Google Playy Apple Store as one of the most popular apps for its classification in the health and physical life category.

There blood pressure application offers convenience Following your arrest, maintaining routine maintenance in an easy-to-maintain manner.


Identifies in a simple and practical way that is to record readings, as well as receive calculated measurement intervals.

By having a backup copy of your information, the application keeps all your data safe.

With this application, if you think about measuring it artery pressureThere, you don't have to worry about writing it down in a notebook.

Keep your information on your device, so you can access and use it easily when you need it.


There Arterial Tightness app – Stress Diary There are articles on blood pressure, this material is created by experienced professionals.

You have accurate information about it Hypertension, hypotension, measurement, causes and symptoms, the treatments we can find or suggest.

You will find, for example, articles on first aids, types of diagnosis, etc.

3 – Blood pressure tracker

There Blood Pressure Tracker application is considered one of the most requested when it comes to controlling the high blood pressure.

The application's functions will help you from day to day, with annotation tools, graphics and even content export.

Now, you can automatically calculate the categories of blood pressure, in a practical way and you can follow the reports of pressure through graphics.

Furthermore, you have a hassle-free agenda at your disposal, you can see all the notes, you can easily see the changes you have made.

Available for Android completely free of charge.


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