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Apps to detect gold and metal straight from your cell phone


For anyone who has always wanted to find gold and metal with detectors, you may have been limited by equipment prices, but there is a cheaper solution.

With the detector applications, it is possible to transform the cell phone itself into a metal and gold detector, paying little or nothing.

Today, we'll talk more about object detection apps and introduce you to some apps that you can download on your phone. Check out.

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Applications that are developed to detect gold and metal are able to find different types of objects, such as jewelry, coins and others.

Following the same pattern as conventional equipment of detection, the apps, in general, when they detect the object of their search, emit a sound signal.

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In the market, in the app stores, you can find a multitude of apps that promise to turn your cell phone into detectors. To narrow your search, we separate two of the best detector apps.

metal and gold detector

The first app we brought is the Metal and Gold Detector, which, of course, detects both types of objects, is highly rated in the app stores and is used by amateurs and professionals alike.


An application that can be useful in different situations, environments and terrains, and can be useful for finding lost objects in the familiar environment, in everyday life, or finding more valuable objects in external environments, such as on the beach.

The functioning of the application is by measurement of the magnetic field value of the object, in this case, gold or metal. The level of this field is shown, on the display, in µT (microtesla).


When the application detects an object, the value of this object's field increases, which indicates its presence and, therefore, the beep.

The Metal & Gold Detector app is found free and can be downloaded into the system android.

metal detector pro

As a second app, we present Metal Detector Pro, which only detects metal objects but is also very popular among app store users.

It has a very easy-to-use, very intuitive interface, which makes the app ideal for both amateurs and professionals.

The application works through a GPS mapping, which indicates to the user all the points he has already passed through, something very useful, especially in places and terrain that are difficult to mark.

With this technology, it also indicates to the user the places where more valuable objects were found, which can help and direct the search location.

In its settings, to make the searches even more assertive, the user can choose which detection type want to accomplish.

The Metal Detector Pro application, unlike the previous one, is paid, being R$ 6.99, an affordable price, and is available for download on the system android.

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