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Professions change according to society, emerging new ways of working and so many other professions disappearing that are no longer useful to society or that have been replaced by technology.

If you want to change professions, or be among the highest paid professionals, you should always be informed about the new professions that promise to emerge in the near future.

College students should also be on the lookout for courses that are going out of business and new graduate degrees that can lead to another professional level.


Below, we list some of the promised professions for the future and others that are already there.

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online teacher

This is a profession that has been on the market for a while, but mainly due to the pandemic, it has increased a lot.

After isolation and people looking so hard for online courses, many realized that it was a great deal and more comfortable, which is making the online course market grow.

For this, teachers have to be up to date with technologies and their uses, as they need it for work and the best use of classes.


This is an already growing market that does not seem to be coming to an end anytime soon.

traffic manager

This is a profession that is also very connected to the internet and ended up taking off with the pandemic, because with people at home, purchases increased significantly, opening the doors to the market of e-commerce once and for all.

The consumer who was still afraid, in some situations during the pandemic, had to buy online and so more people started to adhere to the purchase method. In addition, we have the sites that people in isolation browsed over and over, in search of information.

The professional, therefore, who manages the traffic of these sites began to be more requested, being responsible for managing not only the sites, but the advertisements and public reach.


The traffic manager makes sales, subscriptions or website access more efficient with less expense.

software developer

Still in the virtual world, let's remember that for all the interaction on the networks to happen and for sales and purchases to take place, it is necessary for someone to create and maintain the systems.

This is the role of the software developer, who creates and maintains the systems, including mobile applications and computer programs.

The software market promises to grow more and more, being one of the most promising for the coming years.

Big Data Analyst


And with all these apps, courses, sales, online advertisements, you need a place for everything to be properly stored and for a professional to take care of it.

Well, the professional who categorizes, treats and analyzes all the data on the network is the Big Data analyst, a profession in constant growth, with plenty of opportunity for qualified professionals.

Data for companies is very important, so this is a very well paid professional and often with the possibility of remote work.

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