Solidarity Dentist for the low-income population

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The SIdP Foundation project, created by the Public Health Service, aims to offer quality dental care for the low income population.

Before the pandemic hit, the underserved population already had around 5% of covered dental services. When the pandemic broke out, the value dropped even further, leaving several people with no possibility of oral health care.

We will talk more, in today's article, about the project developed by SIdP and about how these people get care for the free dental treatment. Check out.

Solidarity Dentist Project


The project, created on April 30, 2022 by the SIdP Onlus Foundation, in partnership with the San Vincenzo de Paoli Society and the Italian Society of Periodontology and Implantology, was entitled The Solidarity Dentist (Il Dentita Solidal).

Its main objective is to provide people who are in a situation of social vulnerability with access to free dental treatment.

This initiative was encouraged by world health day, celebrated on April 7. Thus, 250 dentists and dental hygienists from the SIdP Foundation attend every week, at least one hour, to carry out dental treatments and examinations on the needy population that participates in the program.

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Who selects the people who need assistance and monitors the process, is the Società San Vincenzo De Paoli, having great importance in the project.

Knowing more about the Solidarity Dentist Project

The president of the SIdP Onlus Foundation, Mario Aimetti, said the following about the Solidarity Dentist: “In addition to intervening in an emergency context to allow urgent treatment, it aims to raise awareness of the importance of prevention and correct oral hygiene practices”.

“In Italy, dental services are essentially private with minimal coverage by the public system and consequent economic barriers for citizens,” he added.


Data collected in 2019 by Istato shows that one in two Italians go to the dentist. Another data shows that the population in poverty situation, only 14% receive dental treatment, and the population in extreme poverty, only 9% receives such treatment.

“In addition, among foreign citizens, access to dental care is less than half that of Italians and the pandemic has exacerbated these inequalities,” said Aimenti.

Hence the importance of the Solidarity Dentist project, which seeks to minimize the social impacts, which were even more accentuated by the pandemic, and bring quality health to the population.





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