The best apps to add a beard to photos

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Some men have defects in their beard, which does not contribute to having a full and beautiful beard.

The beard shows a lot of personality, style and different types of beard, such as: traditional beard, perilla, round beard among others,

See below for the best apps to add a beard to your photos.

Beard Photo Editor – Beard Cam Live


Beard Photo Editor- Beard Cam Live is an application for photo editing and retouching.

With more than 45 beard styles, you can choose the one that best suits your face and style.

Men's beard – Beard

Beard is an application for beards, which allows you to apply accessories such as glasses, sombreros, etc., further improving the style of the photo.

The application is very complete, so you can improve your photo and appearance, and can improve your social networks.

Studio-Bard shaving booth


The tool offers the following features:

Editions that present a real appearance;
You can share it on your social networks;
Variety of beard selection;
In-app purchase;

However, the application is only available for the iPhone mobile phone

Beardify Grow a Beard

Beardify Grow a Beard contains several beard styles, so you can see different types of beards and know which one suits you best.


How the application works:

Choose a photo or take a photo of your face;
Select a virtual beard;
Put the options on your face to get the best result from your beard;
You can add animations to move the expression of the face;

The request is paid.

The application helps you choose which style suits you best, so you can decide which beard suits you best.

After the choice, it is very important to maintain care for your beard, using products that make all the difference, so that your beard is more beautiful and cared for, always remembering to go to a barbershop.


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