Motorcycle Auction and Online Financing.

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Many people have the desire to buy a motorcycle. An easy and very economical way to own one is through a motorcycle auction. Buying a motorcycle can bring many benefits and advantages, as, unlike other vehicles, it is much more economical and brings ease to families' daily lives.

Let's talk here about the advantages of investing in an auction motorcycle and whether it is worth owning this type of asset at auction. And how to pay for it in installments. Keep reading to find out more.

How the motorcycle auction works

Motorcycle auctions are an excellent way to purchase your used motorcycle, safely and at a lower cost. We are talking about more or less 30% less than the Fipe Table.


In the catalogs that each auction has on the day of the event, the interested party can find all the information about it, and in this way evaluate all the purchasing conditions, as well as the lots and rules.

With your preferred bikes already in mind, you can choose the lots of greatest interest and prepare to participate on the day of the event.

The payment methods and the value of the motorcycle are stated in the auction catalogs themselves, in addition to various information about other specifications about the event in general.

With the highest bid, the auction team will make the purchase official and talk about other details about the purchase, in addition to making payment and advising how to collect your motorcycle.


We know that purchases at auctions are made in cash only. However, there is the possibility of financing the value of the motorcycle purchased. Let's talk below.

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Online Financing

As previously stated, auction motorcycles must be paid for in cash, but we will tell you about the possibility of paying for your motorcycle in installments.

It is possible to pay the value of the auction motorcycle in installments, but you must pay for the motorcycle in cash first, and then use banks to finance the value of the item. In order to, in this way, return the amount invested in the auction motorcycle to the owner who lent it to you, or return the value to the investment, in short, to start paying for the motorcycle in installments.

Simulation and Online Financing


To carry out your free simulation and request financing, simply choose the bank of your choice and carry out your simulation. You can carry out the simulation through the shrunken bank website.

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