Who we are

O Monthly Journal is a site specializing in economics, finance and investment information. Bringing daily updates to its readers. The important thing for us is that each reader browses and gets all the necessary information browsing the site.

we do Monthly Journal we aim to help all readers, of all profiles, to understand and deal with the economy and finance market.

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Values and Principles

  • Ethics – Guided by the principles of good articles written by senior and high-quality professionals, leading our clients to the final objective without wasting too much time browsing through useless pages.
  • Transparency – Use clear and relevant objectives to fulfill the mission of our group.
  • Credibility – Generate value and promote truthful and reliable information.
  • Industry growth – Providing useful information to our customers.
  • Contextualization – We are daily analyzing the financial market and following the events. We perform analyzes daily instead of just posting articles on our website. We follow the market and what our customers really want.

The Monthly Jarnal is divided into categories:

  • Financing
  • Vehicle Auction
  • Economy

we do Monthly Journal We believe that the way the world communicates has changed. Today the internet is the main means of communication between people and companies. And speaking in this context, we speed up the communication between the client and the companies.

Our success depends exclusively on the success of our client, if he managed to achieve his results and really found what he was looking for.

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