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Application to measure blood pressure and heartbeat


Did you know that it is possible to measure blood pressure with your mobile device?

Hypertension affects most people around the world and technology can be a great ally to maintain the health of the population and, consequently, avoid heart problems.

To use the resource, it is necessary to be seated, cover the fingerprint sensor with the index finger and raise the arm with the smartphone at heart level.


Thus, in a few seconds, your blood pressure is discovered.

Receive reminders in time. Share with a single click using Google Drive, drop box, you can store all this information with a simple touch.

And best of all, in addition to storing, you can share it with someone so that person has access to the information.

Get organized to measure your blood pressure

Nowadays you no longer need to write it down on paper. Write down your blood pressure, pulse and weight in one place. Add comments, decide on mood, time and activity for future reference.

Always carry your stuff with you to keep track.


View your notes in the list and calendar. Based on location, follow the monthly average. You can share through the app your information with others.

View trends

To make it easy, the pressure gauge app is divided into color-coded sequences, timeline and distribution chart.


Find the best and worst average statistics for a given period in which you have been using the pressure gauge app.

Share your notes:

You can share via email, Google drive, drop box or even files for others to access,

Never forget to take notes: Set reminders in the blood pressure app, make sure to check your blood pressure daily.

Manage other notes: Create multiple accounts and manage your friends and family’s notes. It’s simple and you can do it all at once

Make it your own: You can decide what color you like best to make your app look good.

Get in touch with us: send us feedback, write about reviews and shape it the way you want. We treat it as your priority. We would love to see you on our Facebook and Google Plus page.

Description of registration in the application:

Contact: Enter the email address of your contact. This allows us to fill in your email the next time you send a message.

Internet: Google plus, facebook, help page, google reviews and ads.

Identity: Google Drive backup

How to install Blood Pressure – Blood Pressure Diary App by Mobile Phone Free.

To install Blood Pressure – Blood Pressure Diary simply follow the steps below.

Open your Play Store
Search in the search tab ” Blood Pressure – Blood Pressure Diary “.
And start downloading
Wait until it finishes
At the end, press open and you can start using it.