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Best Application to Measure Your Glucose


Nowadays with the use of technology it has become simpler to monitor diabetes, as it is possible to control glucose using specialized applications. Want to know how?

The applications created to help diabetics measure their glucose.

They were developed solely to help these people to have more health and quality of life.


And, to be able to help those people who are diabetic, we will mention 4 apps that can be very useful to help you choose the best app to control diabetes.

Want to know which apps? Grab a pen and paper and write down all our tips!

4 apps for those who want to control their glucose:

1. Minsulin

The Minsulin app is considered to be one of the most sought-after and loved apps among the apps that help people suffering with the disease.

Using this app, people can keep track of the amount of carbohydrates they eat, and they can also log and share the information they gain about their health with their doctor.


This is perfect for those who feel more confident with this kind of monitoring and prefer to receive medical guidance frequently.


2. Glic


Glic is the pioneer when it comes to digital health, as the app helps people track their diabetes treatment in Brazil using the app that is available for free.

The Glic app was created to be useful and simple, complete and accessible for all people who need to have follow-ups to control their diabetes.

With this in mind, the app is totally free.

There are several functions in the app, such as insulin dose calculation, medication reminders, blood glucose records, carbohydrate counting, and others.

In addition, the app has health professionals on hand to help patients with their questions.

3. Insulin Calculator

Insulin Calculator was created exclusively for people who have type 1 diabetes, as the app helps people to see the calculation of insulin doses.

The calculation is done by the amount of carbohydrates that have been ingested. In addition, the app tells you whether it is necessary to split the dose or not.

4. MySugr

The MySugr platform has options for patients to keep a kind of diary, recording step by step what happens in their body.

The information is invaluable for collecting data on blood glucose, blood pressure, and weight control, among others.

Its platform has a very motivational interface that allows users to find complete records of meals, diets, blood glucose, medications, and other graphs created automatically.