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What is the best app to play guitar?


For those who want to learn to play the guitar or improve their instrument skills, it can be a great option to resort to apps.

This is because, with apps, it is possible to do this in a more flexible way, having feedback at the moment and paying little or nothing for it.

Today, we brought you some apps learn to play guitar by your cell phone. Check out.

The best apps to play the guitar


See below, the best apps for you to learn to play the guitar.

perfect ear

The first app we brought is Perfect Ear, which is well known for training auditory skills and rhythmic development, which is very important for every musician.

Through the application, it is possible to play melodies by ear, tune the guitar, improvise, recognize chord progressions, and learn the basics of music theory.

This app is not exclusively for the guitar learning, but it brings all the baggage of learning music, which is very important, which makes it an excellent application.

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As main features, it features:

  • Melodic dictation exercises;
  • Customizable intervals, scales, chords and rhythms training exercises;
  • Theoretical articles;
  • Absolute tone training;
  • Visual reading training;
  • Notes singing training;
  • Dictionary of scales;
  • And others.

The app can be used by both beginners, how much for professionals, as it helps a lot in training and improving musicians.


The Perfect Ear app can be found on systems android and iOS.

Bravus Music

As a second application, we present Bravus Music, which bringsfree bears of different instruments:

  • Guitar;
  • Drums;
  • Piano;
  • Keyboard;
  • Cajón.

The application also presents Music Theory and allows students to have contact with each other, which also enhances collective knowledge.

The Bravus Music app can be found for download on the system android.


And as the third and last app, we brought Yousician, which offers guitar, bass and singing lessons through a monthly plan, where first seven days will be free.

The application offers the great advantage of students being able to access classes whenever and wherever they want, being able to watch them whenever they want. Another differential is that the application listens to the student's performance and gives him feedback on timing and accuracy at the time.

The application has specialized teachers, ready to teach beginners or students who already know something, or even those who are already advanced in the chosen instrument.

Classes are recorded with step-by-step tutorial videos with lessons. As it is an application, the gameplay, where it is possible to maintain motivation and better establish student learning.

The app features:

  • More than 1500 exercises and missions, with videos of tablature and sheet music reading, melody lessons, fingerings, solos, etc.;
  • Music theory with specific instructions;
  • Weekly challenge that can be done with friends or app users from around the world.

The Yousician app is available for download on systems android and iOS.

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