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Free dental implant programs at Harvard University


Havard, one of the best universities in the world, contains a dental area called Havard Dental Center that provides jobs for people who want to receive dental treatment at a reduced price or for free.

There are 2 types of opportunities, patients who receive a 50% reduced price, and there is also the opportunity for patients who do not have to pay anything, it is free.

1- Board Exam Screenings

Adults will be the first to have the opportunity, they will have a screening exam, which is done in January and March. People who qualify will receive dental treatment at no cost.


The exam dates are on: 12/04, 12/15, 01/08, 01/22 and 02/12 between 1PM and 5PM.
07/02 between 5PM and 8PM.

2- Give a Kids A Smile

Havard will be promoting the annual event called Give Kids a Smile, on February 3rd, between 9AM and 12PM. The event is for people between the ages of 1 to 17 years old, parents and guardians, will be able to participate in the activities such as dental exams, whitening, and others, free of charge.

You must make a reservation in advance, which can be done through one of the options:

Call (617) 432 – 1434,
Send a message to (617) 432-2045
Log in and fill out the online form.

How to fill out the form

Follow the step-by-step below to fill out the form:
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