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The popular apps for measuring glucose are excellent options for people who are diabetic and can measure glucose frequently.

Remembering that the objective is exclusively technological, practical and simple.

Due to advance of technology, the way to measure glucose to maintain the diabetes control, has been increasingly sencilla.


Furthermore, it is also an excellent alternative for people who do not have much free time.

Thinking about it, let's mention 5 apps to control glucose with the mobile in a technological and simple way.

Would you like to know who they are? Read the article until the end and don't forget to save the tips.

5 applications to control glucose:

1. Carbohydrate count

If you are interested in having control and counting the carbohydrates ingested each day, don't forget to download the “Carbohydrate Count” app.

I was created by her Brazilian Diabetes Society (SBD), through the Diabetes Nutrition department.


The application is free to purchase so that all people can have access to the benefits of this application's services.

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There are approximately 1,300 foods available through the company's revenue manual.

2. Glyc


The Glic application was the first in the field of digital health in the field of diabetes treatment in Brazil.

It is an application that is available for telephones IOS and Android. It has several functions to help with diabetes treatment day to day.

This way, with the app, people can carry out consultations on carbohydrate intake, medication records, insulin dosage calculation, blood glucose recording, hypoglycemia alert, among other options.

Furthermore, the application offers the possibility for patients to connect with a medical team in real time.

3. Minsulin


The Minsulin app is also considered very useful and has helped many people who suffer from diabetes and who have a daily control.

Across Minsulin, patients can calculate the insulin dosage of each food using the carbohydrate quotation technique.

You also have the possibility of sharing the data collected during a day with your team of medical specialists every day as necessary.

Finally, the application is available for smartphones with technology IOS and Android.

4. MySugr

The MySugr application is also an option for patients who want and need to do a daily diabetes monitoring.

With this application, patients can monitor their diet, blood pressure, blood sugar and weight.

On its platform, the app contains a lot of technological data and a motivating and attractive appearance so that people feel motivated to use the tool.

Furthermore, on MySugr you can find many food alternatives, medicines, diets, tables, estimates, comments, stories and advice on how to treat diabetes.

5. iGlicho

The application iGlicho It is one of the most modern developed to help control diabetes every day. The application is available for mobile phones with IOS and Android technology.

You can find consolidated records of your treatment as registered.

It also counts with complete closed graphs, you can receive feedback and have complete reports on daily progress according to your records.


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