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It is possible, through technology, record incoming calls by apps, just like normal calls received on the cell phone.

These applications facilitate the recording of calls even for professionals who need this feature for their profession.

Today, we brought you some apps that record calls. See below.

call recorder apps

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Below, we have listed four apps that record phone calls.

Call Recorder – Cube ACR

The CAll Recorder – Cube ACR application is designed to record two types of calls: normal calls and those made over the internet (VoIP).

When the user has the app installed on his device, when he receives a call, a balloon will appear on the cell phone screen, and, at that moment, he will be able to choose to start the recording, as well as pause it.

The app records calls in the following ways:

  • standard connection;
  • Whatsapp;
  • KAKAO;
  • Facebook;
  • Skype;
  • WeChat;
  • Viber;
  • imo;
  • And others.

The Call Recorder – Cube ACR app can be downloaded from android.

Call Recorder

The Call Recorder performs the call recording made by the user or received on his device.

The app also allows the user to choose which calls they want to record and which ones they prefer the app to ignore.

Call recordings can be saved in the cloud and then sent to platforms such as dropbox and the Google Drive.


The app developers recommend that users test the free version before purchasing the app, as it may not run on all OS versions.

The Call Recording app can be downloaded from android.

Call Recorder – callX

O terceiro aplicativo é o Call Recorder – callX, através do qual o usuário pode escolher fazer as gravações das ligações no modo manual ou automático.

The application also helps a lot so that unwanted calls and spam are avoided by users on their devices.


Below, see the functions of the app:

  • Record calls in automatic or manual;
  • Record calls by number or name;
  • Delete recordings by number or by name;
  • Listen to recordings;
  • Identify calls from unknown numbers;
  • Configure which calls should be recorded;
  • Select the formats of the recordings, which can be in MP3 or WAV;
  • Share call recordings on WhatsApp, Dropbox and Google Drive.

The Call Recorder application – callX, can be downloaded at android.


And the last application, TapeACall, is more used for those who need clean and more accurate recordings, very useful for professions like journalism.

The app has an accuracy of 99%, both in recordings and in transcriptions of audio calls. The recordings can be saved in the cloud or on the device itself, and also on the computer.

This application is paid, having a value of about R$ 9.90. You can also do a seven-day free trial before purchasing the application. During these trial days, only 60 seconds of recorded calls can be heard by the user.

The TapeACall app can be downloaded from android It is iOS .

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